NOT YOUR LIBERAL: A New YouTube Channel From Alex Sheremet

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Ever since I published my essay on Ben Shapiro, I’ve had countless requests to start a political show or something similar. I’ve finally taken this advice, and am testing the waters with a YouTube channel, under the branding Not Your Liberal.

The channel will cover politics, the arts, science, and philosophy, with videos and debates ranging from a few minutes to well over an hour, depending on the topic and format. I’ll debunk talking points, as well as meatier and more substantive arguments, teach you how to correctly read a poem or evaluate a painting, introduce you to ideas you’ve not heard before, and- of course- frame and unfold arguments in unpredictable ways, as you’ve no doubt seen if you’ve followed my debates within and about the articles on this blog.

I just posted the first video- “Debunking Ben Shapiro’s Free Will,” covering a topic I am interested in but didn’t get a chance to talk about just yet. A reader, in fact, notified me of Shapiro’s article on the subject, and I decided to take her e-mail as a suggestion.

Please subscribe to the channel, and if you like the first video, click ‘Like’. I have an upcoming, much longer video debating the state of politics and culture, as well as videos on abortion, multiculturalism, film, animation, poetry, and race and IQ. I will tackle the Intellectual Dark Web in the near future, which is a pretty common request I get in e-mails.

I’ve also started a Patreon page so that I could, maybe, transition to writing and making videos full time. Even just $1 per month helps- the important thing, to me, is the number of loyal, interested, and responsive patrons that I have, and not necessarily what they’re able to contribute. Once I hit a certain number of supporters, I can start covering bigger and bolder ground.

Expect more content by September.

5 Comments NOT YOUR LIBERAL: A New YouTube Channel From Alex Sheremet

  1. Billy

    Nice, I’m really excited about this. I think I’ll give Patreon a try. I’ve always avoided it so far, not because of Patreon (or similar ideas) itself, but because I’m not thrilled about online payment services such as Paypal. Maybe I can find a way around it this time 😉

    I think this will be worthwhile (aside from this website).

    1. Billy

      Now that I’ve watched your first video, here are a few comments (sorry for not posting this on YouTube; I don’t have a YouTube account and I don’t like social media in general): maybe for your next video you could take a step or a half backwards. At times it feels a little bit too intrusive for me with your face so up close. But it’s also really refreshing to once in a while see someone who’s competent enough at speaking in front of a camera and who doesn’t abuse jump cuts (by the way: I like the way you cut between recordings; nice idea on how to make jump cuts more pleasant to watch).

      Contentwise, your video was good, I think? By that I mean, I can’t say anything about your arguments on free will, since I have done zero reading on this topic (and philosophy in general). But it is of course good that you try to do something with depth on YouTube. And I think the strongest point was that you didn’t just do a YouTube version of your Ben Shapiro essay, but instead expanded a little bit on one specific point (as much as it is possible in a 20 min video).

      I hope to see more of you (either in writing or in video format).

    2. Alex SheremetAlex Sheremet

      Thanks, Billy. You might be right about being too close to the camera. But, I think it’s a problem only in some of the shots, where I do get too close.

  2. Edmond Dantes

    Glad to have you on Youtube. Subcribed right away.

    By the way, I know you suggested Pakman and Brooks before but what’s your opinion on contrapoints, Shaun, and Destiny?

    1. Alex SheremetAlex Sheremet

      Who’s Shaun?

      I love some of Destiny’s debates. Contrapoints is OK but not really analytical enough for me. Michael Brooks is not always analytical, either, but he can be, and he’s quite funny. I consider Contrapoints and Brooks to both be performers, in a way, but Brooks is a better performer even though Contrapoints has the more dramatic set-up (costumes, scripts, etc.).

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