TRAILER: “From There to There – Bruce Ario, the Minneapolis Poet” (2024)

Bruce Ario (1955 – 2022) was a poet and novelist from Minneapolis. A car accident and traumatic brain injury in his mid-20s forced Bruce to drop out of law school, which was followed by a period of homelessness, drug addiction, and mental illness. His health began to improve with a religious awakening, therapy, volunteer work (which included time in Haiti), and, most importantly to Bruce and his legacy, a lifelong interest in writing.

From There to There: Bruce Ario, the Minneapolis Poet is an upcoming (2024) documentary film on Bruce’s life and work. It will be shot in Minneapolis, where Bruce Ario spent his life, and will include footage of scenes described in Bruce’s writing. It will also feature interviews with artists and those who knew him. Our GoFundMe fundraiser will help cover some costs associated with the project: video equipment, travel expenses, advertising, labor and production. Any additional money raised will be used to fund the publication of Bruce Ario’s books.

The trailer can be found here.

Another trailer can be found here.

You can contribute to the fundraiser here.

A poet first, Bruce Ario created the “ario” poetic form, which includes 3 stanzas of 3 lines each, followed by a final line. His poems tap plain speech and startling juxtapositions of image and thought, giving his poetry an “everyman” feel that many readers have come to prefer. Bruce is also author of the coming-of-age novel, Cityboy, which his literary executor, Dan Schneider, has painstakingly reconstructed to its original, rarely-seen version from the 1990s.

Cityboy, Bruce Ario’s Selected Poems, and his Final Poems will be released in 2024 alongside From There to There.

An extended discussion of Bruce Ario’s life and work with Bruce’s literary executor, Bruce’s brother, and the filmmaker:

A sampling of Bruce Ario’s poetry:

About the filmmakers:

Alex Sheremet is a poet, critic, novelist, and videographer from New York City. He runs the automachination YouTube channel and the AUTOMACHINATION literary magazine, for which Bruce Ario wrote.

Joel Parrish is a poet and photographer from Michigan. He is also providing voice work for the film. Joel’s poetry and photos can be found on his website.… Continue reading →

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POEM: “Thought Our Film Would Say It All”

[This poem first appeared in the AUTOMACHINATION literary magazine. Read more about our film, From There To There: Bruce Ario, The Minneapolis Poet.]


And then some scumbag wanted money for the footage
Of my friend. Well, HIS friend, as a fact
Was a ponderer’s poet, while he cannot

Think. Well, he IS thinking
Of himself, bobbing down a perfect sea
Storm loosened from the surface

Of our lens. Guess which had a brain
Injury and you’d guess wrong. Say CHEESE
Bitch! Or that’s what HE did at any rate

Offered. Not even poets deserve riches.

* * *

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Where To Find Alex Sheremet’s Work

This website serves as an archive for my writing.

The AUTOMACHINATION literary magazine features my latest work, and our YouTube channel hosts the ArtiFact Podcast.

The podcast features long-form analysis on art, literature, history, and politics, including discussions of Shakespeare, climate change, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, films like Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car, panels with Palestinian refugees, and more. Guests include Norman Finkelstein, Ivan Katchanovski, Benjamin Studebaker, Dan Schneider, Mouin Rabbani, and others.

Joel Parrish and I are working on our first feature-length film, From There to There: Bruce Ario, the Minneapolis Poet. It chronicles the life and work of America’s greatest unknown writer, drawing on Bruce Ario’s personal files, interviews with those who knew him, and original footage of Minneapolis.

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